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Distance Healing

Distance Healing

Loving and healing energy sent with intent


Distance Healing


I am not sure how other people approach distance healing but I can share with you what I do and how I do it with integrity, respect and love. Transparency in sharing knowledge to help each other along the way!

I access other dimensions, consciousness when I meditate. There is a special place in loving energy that I like to be. It is from here that I can focus on sending out that loving energy with intent to wherever the focus is. It helps if i have something to identify the focus on such as a name or image or emotion or just something that you can give me to connect to you that will help me focus. My aim is to send you healing so you can access your own intuition, healing from within to empower you.

When I am in this place or space, I can focus on sending healing to you for your highest benefit and good. I can focus on a particular health problem or body part or emotion or just send it to fill your lightbody with as much as love as i can. If i sense anything in particular that needs attention my focus automatically just flows with healing love to that area.

See it as a boost to your own efforts to improve whatever it is you are focussed on at this time. I was amazed when I first discovered this actually worked. The ego was in the intellect and science for so long it took a while for me to realise my abilities. These are abilities we can all access when our cells are activated in our bodies to a higher frequency science now actually shows in mri scans that it activates, lights up different parts of the brain and organs. Only by experiencing truth can we truly know it.

Consequently, the result for you will be where you need help to move forward you will receive the healing there. How this works for every individual is unique. Whatever you need help with will present itself. If you are open to the most positive outcome of the session then you will know within a few days usually where it has helped you. Try to listen to your inner higher self, the wise you inside there. The more you do this with a quiet and open mind the more you can connect with your own healing power within.

Then it would be lovely of you to let me know how it helped you. It really does help me to know how it works your end and makes me realise that my time doing this is really helping others.

Sometimes, I have words of wisdom from the higher self and can automatically write it down for you if you want me to. I can forward that by email to you with a photo of the candle I have lit with intent to focus purely on your energy. I can also tell you when I intend to do this but please be aware that time and distance doesnt exist except in this consciousness reality we live in physically. So once I do this whenever you sit quiet and be open to receiving from me you will. Trust and faith is what makes this so magical at times. If you would like to synchronise times then it is also fine.

I honestly didnt know to cost this service so I meditated on it. This was the answer from my higher self.


I can go through the process above and in the cradle of loving divine energy I can radiate and focus love with intent to the place you need the help. This takes lots of earth time although it doesnt feel the same when I am in that meditative space. I can also receive words of wisdom or guidance for you here and provide that as a written piece to send to you. I am also in the process of creating some audio files of frequencies that you can play when you connect to the healing.

All healing comes from within. I am just directing and boosting energy to your inner guide and body’s cells so you can access your own intuition and healing power. That is my ultimate intention, to empower you. As this is the space I prefer to be in and seem to be able to help the most here, then the donation options are suggested and left for you to decide which resonates.

I am hoping in the next couple of months to offer videos of the healing session with sound so you can have a way of connecting with the sacred sounds I will overlay for you.

In love, truth and respect


Donation of Gratitude


I told you about my left knee giving way, painful and swollen red and having to use a long umbrella to help me walk and I can't believe that it recovered overnight !! i was so excited to tell you in the morning as I know it seemed impossible in the normal realm of this world . it was you that sent me healing energies over the miles overnight. Thank you so very much and for being so kind, humble and true.

Ravi (UK)

I am so pleased to hear that your knee feels better. Thank you for your kind words they are very much appreciated. Farah

I think you may have cured me when showing me where the aura is iv never felt better in many a year no flare ups which is unheard of. many thanks

Anonymous (UK)

I am so happy for you, Enjoy your new found energy. Farah

Time and distance only exist in this reality. When in deep meditation you can raise your frequency to access spaces where time and distance doesnt exist.