Farah Waken


“I surrendered to the divine, trusted in the guidance, practiced daily listening to my body and intuition. 18 months later I am transformed. I remember who I am, why I am here and what my potential is. This has opened up a whole new way of living for me. The truth I had been seeking all my life has been revealed and now I live guided by my higher self, my true self. My authentic real self that wishes to express the divinity and love that can be found in all kinds of creations. We are creators and the joy of sharing captured sublime moments in time is what I share through my art. Through imagery, through words, through music and through the intention that flows with the breath. I intend to live by the absolute truth that resonates in every cell of my body. Truth is truth - no more secrets, and now it begins!”

Farah Waken, Wells, Somerset

Farah Waken

My art was mine to create
But my ego would not share
Now the light that lives within me
Says, shine without a care

I invite you to venture further
With that knowing middle eye
May you find some inspiration
For your dreams to be realised

I surrender to the cosmos
the divine the all that is
I share my soul create my art
Then retreat to go within

When I nurture the pranic energy
And my art comes through for me
I can move onto my vision
To help others become free

My Journey to Remembering

I have always been seeking truth, Living very much a private life, but with a rich inner world. I had no idea why I was here as a human being in this world. I felt at odds with everything but my close family and I did the best I could to live in society. I attended university after starting a family and completed BA(hons) and PHd research before I realised I was looking for truth in all the wrong places. I moved to Somerset in the UK lived on exmoor for 7 years before moving near Glastonbury 6 years ago.

I had been very ill for 10 years after a spinal neck accident that left me weak and with chronic neurological pain in my face and head. After glandular fever, surgery on my knee again, abdomen surgery and two surgical procedures on the nerves in my head then a cancer scare. At this point when a close relationship ended,

I surrendered and then the real journey began. I connected to consciousness and spent the next year in bouts of reclusiveness in sadhanas in my little home in Somerset. My body healing over the months as I followed the guidance of my higher self. A deep knowing occurred and continues to this day ever expanding limitlessly. Some call this a spontaneous awakening, I feel since it is like a deep remembering from within the cells of the body and mind. A connection to soul, spirit or higher self. The words are irrelevant it is the experience and knowing that is truth.

For many hours I would lose time as I experienced dimensions within consciousness. It was my dog that would bring me out of deep meditation to do what I needed to do. During this time my writing just flowed like it always had but for much longer periods. I was recording my experiences all the way through that year experimenting with the energies I was experiencing. My intellect however needed to understand how to process all of this experience. That took another few months.

So last year I had been creating, writing, capturing awesome spiritual moments and realisations as i connected with things at a much closer level. My photography became an expression of the energies of cosmos and divinity in nature. I have expressed much of my experience of the process and energies in the poetry I have written, some of which is on this site.

This year I have been helping people that the universe has bought into my life and realised that the whole process I have been living daily has elevated me to a level where I am getting more clarity as I need it. The most liberating thing about this experience has been the remembering of who i am and why i am here.

My perserverance in meditation to transcend lower dimensions to get to the source was rewarded beyond belief. I feel liberated, empowered and know that I am a divine being having a very human experience. All of the quickenings and life reviews that unfolded from different perspectives occurred through connecting with breath and frequencies and have led me to where i am now. Everything I have experienced has prepared me for my work..my real work. Helping others seeking is becoming an unexpected outcome. I feel truly grateful.

Taking tiny chunks of the huge amount of information and truth I have accessed and trying to make it accessible to humanity has been my biggest challenge. This website is just the beginning. It is a portal for souls to connect with me if they resonate. Through breathing loving energy into everything I create, it matters not if the art sells or the books are a success.

I am hoping in time you will find this website both useful and inspirational. I look forward to us sharing the love and raising the energies of the earth. We are One. We can come together and create the future we really want. In every moment of every day is a chance to breath loving energy into everything you do to really make a difference in helping humanity move into this new way of being.

I am able to offer sound and energy sessions and one to one guidance now and details about my journey that has led to this energy and sound work is on the Farah page on this website portal. I have also written about this on the musings and wisdom page. If you are interested in these services then click below to find out more and for booking details.

Mastering the Elements - The Alchemy Within is the first of a trilogy of books that will give all the knowledge about how to align and balance the elements within us to empower you to find your own inner guru, teacher, guide or higher true self from within. Looking over writings and research of my own experiential journey and by introducing some people to the methods I learnt, has led me to share what I know as it appears to help those on this inner journey.

The guidance and truth I offer comes from an intention to support humanity through this shift in consciousness in truth love and respect. No secrets, no labelling what we are. We are more than what we do whether we teach, guide, write, photography, create, research, heal etc. That is not who I am. That is what I do. I wish to empower humanity to find that for themselves. This truly can be a beautiful life and we can use the available knowledge and energies to transform ourselves into a new way of being and the earth into a new era. One by one we will remember. One by one we will grow. One by one we will make a difference. Let’s all ride this wave and be and do what we came here to do. Let’s be our potential!

If you would like to receive information and inspiration please sign up below. I will keep you posted monthly of what I am creating including exclusive early access to books, podcasts and future services. I look forward to connecting with you. With love, truth and respect. Farah