Farah Waken

The Divine

message for whoever this resonates with. Imparted in love, truth and respect.

Message from the True Self… after asking for guidance

I am sensing this is for some of you out there too?

You are a fractal of God, the One, the All, the Source, the Creator, the Divine. The Divine is in you and you are part of that.

You are here to be light and the higher self. You are a fractal, a part of the Divine and that Divinity is in each and every one of us. When you recognise yourself as a distinct part of the One, the Divine, you feel the love in your heart open and connect with the love in your mind. You feel the emotions of love, of joy, of bliss, of divinity. This is who you are.

You are love. You are are Divine. You are that which comes from the Creator and is a Creator . When this realisation is apparent, you will know your power, your purpose and will be the light on earth that shines from this Divinity.

The universe, the source, the Divinity is within and without. We are One. Integration of the collective thought and being will raise the frequency on earth and you will create the new earth. The light planet of love will be the new earth. The light within each one of us will shine so bright that the whole universe and beyond will watch in awe, benevolence and love for the human race and its achievement of finding its way back to Source, to God, to the Divine. Living on the earth as we were intended to be. With each other and in union with Mother earth, stewarding the land holding all of life upon it in its sacred glory. Shining our light upon it to become the brightest star in the universe.