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Musings and Wisdom- Sharing knowledge I discover through this wonderful inner journey. Interesting or useful topics to inform and inspire you along your own individual spirit path this lifetime. Empower yourself from within.

Feeling alone?

Feeling alone seems to be part of the process involved in self discovery. Think about if for a minute or two. How can we discover ourselves without being alone? It is only by being alone with ourselves that we can discover and connect with who we really are deep inside. So why does this seem challenging at times when we are alone with ourselves?

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12 ways to raise your frequency?

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to keep your body and mind healthy through raising the frequencies of what you do and what you think. Look after yourselves and give yourself the care and attention you truly deserve and practice gentleness for yourself first. By living this way you will see a big difference around and within you.

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How do you know you are connecting to healing energy when you meditate?

When I first felt the current surging through my fingers was when I was meditating in deep meditation. I felt the energy and love burst from my heart to my head down each arm and my fingers were all vibrating and almost magnetically charged feeling in the fingers that ../

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Creative flow

Creativity appears to be key to fullfillment in life. When in the midst of creative flow when time doesnt exist and everything becomes as effortless as breathing that is when amazing things happen. So amazing that at times you cant quite fathom how you created something so effortlessly without thought, just in flow. That is until you understand the process of being in flow and how to achieve it.

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Synchronicities as signs you are on the right path

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday evening and we were talking about the signs and synchronicities that are around us all the time but we miss as our attention is somewhere else usually inside our heads.

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