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12 ways to raise your frequency?


Be creative

Get both sides of the brain working by tapping into your creativity. Sing, dance, play, draw, paint, write, invent, build, learn a new musical insturment or a new creative skill. Remember when you were young and what gave you the most joy when doing it. Tap into that child inside and go create and play.

Find your joy

Listen to music, talk with loved ones, play with animals or children, go for a walk in nature, play your favourite game. Anything that gives you joy .. do it more often. Listen to beautiful music, frequencies or binaural beats, ambient music. Anything that gets that joy flowing from the heart.


Sacred water. Treat it with reverance and it will reward you as it flows through your body nourishing your cells. If you are not sure how this works check out my book all about balancing the energies within us on the book page. Add lemon or lime to the water this has a high frequency and cleansing action to the insides of your body.

Sing/Chant mantras

Not only does this raise frequency but it vibrates the cells of your body and releases chemicals in the brain to uplift your mood and frequency. A whole piece to be written about this separately as it has amazing powers to inner healing and growth. This can be used to ease into a meditative state.

Pamper session

Self love is a high frequency so take time to treat yourself. Have to a lovely bath. Add in some relaxing epsom or magnesium salts with a little essential oil and you are drawing out toxin at the same time as relaxing and cleansing your body.

Day dream of your ideal life

Go within to work on releasing unwanted thoughts and feelings to prepare a new life from within. Plan to make changes to get you one step closer to that ideal self. Create a vision board, remind yourself of your ideal self and life by leaving notes and images where you will see them. The more you can focus on what you do want the quicker it comes to you.

Practice slow breathing

Practice relaxed slow breathing in and out from nose filling your lungs so your tummy extends first when inhaling and chest second. When exhaling focus on emptying from chest first and tummy last. Practice this and notice how your lungs and breath improve. Be aware whilst you do this and notice changes in your body as the muscles relax.

Smile and laugh

Dont take life too seriously. Find something to smile or laugh about as often as you can and before you know it you will be raising your frequency and staying there longer each time. Feeling happier, feeling more relaxed.

Eat high energy food

The fresher the food the higher vibration it contains along with higher nutrient content. Uncooked foods like vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, seeds. Chop them up and arrange them on your plate make a creation of them and you will be using both sides of the brain as you create a plate of fresh high frequency food for yourself. Add a splash of olive oil to aid digestion and apple cider vinegar to help cleanse the insides. Sprinkle some chia seeds and hemp seeds on top and boost the nutrition content with vital omegas and vitamin D and B vitamins. Notice how your body feels so different afterwards. Feel the difference in energy and ease of digestion.

Forgive yourself and others

This is a transformational way of raising your frequency. As you forgive others and forgive yourself you open your heart chakra and make way for love. Releasing old emotions makes way for the new. Give yourself a break and give yourself forgiveness. You deserve it.

Get out into nature

Getting out into nature and being around trees, plants, animals, water, flowers and the land will not only help you ground yourself but will also raise your frequency as you connect with nature and appreciate the life around and within us. It is well documented now the benefits of being in nature. Whether it is just a garden, a forest, a beach or just outside listening to the birds. Connecting with the natural world raises our frequency so we feel more connected.

Meditate or pray

Science can measure frequencies now of people in different emotional and brain wave states. Praying and meditation can raise the frequency as often we do this from the heart and with honesty and openness. This raises frequency and can elevate your life to places only once you imagined. The emotion of gratefulness greatly increases the power of this.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to keep your body and mind healthy through raising the frequencies in what you do and what you think about. Look after yourselves and give yourself the care and attention you truly deserve and practice gentleness for yourself first. By living this way you will see a big difference around and within you.

The power of sound and mantra will be the next article so please subscribe to the newsletter and visit here often for more updates and musings. Thank you for reading.

In love truth and respect