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Musings and Wisdom- Sharing knowledge I discover through this wonderful inner journey. Interesting or useful topics to inform and inspire you along your own individual spirit path this lifetime. Empower yourself from within.

Creative flow


Creativity appears to be key to fullfillment in life. When in the midst of creative flow when time doesnt exist and everything becomes as effortless as breathing that is when amazing things happen. So amazing that at times you cant quite fathom how you created something so effortlessly without thought, just in flow. That is until you understand the process of being in flow and how to achieve it.

Everything being energy and energy being sound and sound being frequency, at this moment it seems likely that the frequency of flow is that higher state of being. Higher frequency of emotion, of consciousness of vibrating with the wave of infinite possibiities and letting the heart and mind come together to conduct the motion of the hands, or the voice or whatever it is that you are creating with.

If we could live life from this frequency of creative flow, it becomes possible to imagine the most beautiful future. If what we create so effortlessly in those sublime moments of nowhere can be more than we create when we are somewhere (as in thinking with the left logical brain) then it makes sense to practice getting to and more of those moments in your life.

How to get those moments in the first instance is what I am being asked now?

Learn how to master the body and mind. It doesnt require years of study, reading, exercise. It requires being open to learning the new science which is everywhere when you seek it and fill your life with joyful higher frequency or calm moments so you can listen with compassion to that inner voice, that wise one that dwells within and knows best. Not the prorgramming from family, peers, society, media. The voice that is your intuiton. Your inner guide, the wise one. Once you have the connection, you are guided. In every moment of every day you feel you are doing and being exactly what is required in that moment. That is the state most seek.

If you want a starting point for learning new knowledge and how it relates to ancient hidden knowledge to enable us to do this wisely, knowingly and openly. If you want somewhere to start…… ah .. read the book I have written, mastering the elements available on this site, no link here as this writing was not intended to mention the book but synchronnicity through connecting with the inner wise knowing one is guiding me to suggest it. So be it.

It is an easy book to read that will just open your mind to some amazing facts about you. Facts that you didnt know and will empower you. More importantly information on how to gain harmony within and align your own energies to improve your meditation or quiet moments and elevate you through the frequencies to creative flow. I also offer guidance and energy and sound sessions. If this resonates have a look around this web portal it is filling up with lots of interesting and inspiring content.

If this doesnt resonate then that is okay. But think about the possibilites of effortlessly creating and life flowing in a divine wave of aliveness.

In love, truth and respect and with integrity and authenticity I bid you well.