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Discovering Nutrition

Photography by Farah Waken

Photography by Farah Waken

Everything I am writing about is not just from research and knowledge, it has been an experiential process. We learn and understand through experience not just information. I practiced and listened to my body and noted what resonated and made me feel healthy with more vitality. The tummy aches, skin reactions and inflammation had made me feel lethargic and weak for a long time. By eliminating the food causes of discomfort and with a natural progression in meditation I found that I could survive healthily on a small amount of food and plenty of mineral water. This led me to look closely at what I was eating, and I was pleasantly surprised by the nutritional content, specifically the minerals that intuitively i got in the foods I chose to eat.

I did lose weight which was a side effect not an aim and I feel healthier with more energy as a consequence. My weight may be low according to the medical advice but who is to say what is a healthy weight or not? It is not about weight or how you look, it is about how you feel in your body and mind and how it performs for you.

Proof of my healing and the difference the diet and meditation made to my blood chemistry has been confirmed as I had been under a specialist hospital for auto immune disease. The blood tests a year apart allowed me to see the real benefits scientifically. This is always pleasing to the intellect even though it now knows the higher truer self is running the show.

Read more about what I have discovered and the positive transforming effect it has had on my body, mind and life. Then go do your own research and more importantly experiment with it. Slowly, focusing on small steps at a time to let your body adjust more easily. Don’t do a drastic diet change from your current eating habits until your have planned and prepared to replace it with the nutrition and fuel it needs. This way you will have less discomfort and craving or physical symptoms from release of toxins within.

I am hoping to amaze and inspire you to create more nutritious meals and snacks for yourself. You will feel the difference within days, tangible improvements within weeks. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by experimenting.

I am not saying that everybody should eat what I eat. This is something that you will find your own way around as you listen and observe how your body reacts to what you put into it. By sharing what has helped me I am providing another way for you to try but use your own discernment. Do your own research and be sensible in your approach to what information