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How do you know you are connecting to healing energy when you meditate?


Years ago I was told I cant be a healer as my hands are cold and only heat carries the healing energy. Science now tells us that it is not the heat that is generating energy but the electrical current running through them. So how do you know if you are generatng this current?

When I first felt the current surging through my fingers was when I was meditating in deep meditation. I felt the energy and love burst from my heart to my head down each arm and my fingers were all vibrating and almost magnetically charged feeling in the fingers that were held in mudra. The other fingers were also buzzing more than tingling and this is how I first experienced the energy in my hands.

Unfortunately, when i tried to research this online i couldnt find anything to explain what was happening. So being from a research background i continued to experiment and quickly found out that this was my way of communicating with consciousness. I spent many hours and days and months until over 15 months later my research and experience had clarity.

Since then I have been creating and writing and healing from within and activating healing in others. Once the heart chakra opens and fills with loving energy it sends this energy up the spine into the brain where it sparks the neurons and those beautiful endorphins and cannabinoid receptors. The longer you stay in this frequency the better chance you have of feeling the energy travelling down to your fingertips.

It is in this state that I receive my knowing. Deep knowing that just goes straight to the cells not just in the brain but in every cell in the body. I feel it almost like a tingly shower and can feel the whole prescence of the energies circulating within me. This is a real beautiful place to be and I will admit it took a long time for me to come out of it at times ..many hours. It is a space I call home and dont feel drawn to come back.

Yet I do, as their is much work to be done before leaving here.

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In love truth and respect and wishing you all a wonderful week of abundant happiness.