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Minerals and Nutrition

Photography by Farah Waken

Photography by Farah Waken

For a healthy body and mind the body needs vital nutrition. Not nutrition as in foods but nutrition viewed as fuel that the body and mind needs to function at its healthiest and best.

Minerals are the most important aspect of nutrition. The chemistry of the body is largely water with minerals and trace elements that are vital for the organs, tissues, glands and systems to work. The delicate balance they provide is essential to good health, healing and indeed life.

I found out the importance of minerals when I looked back over my detailed journals to see what I had eaten over the past year to enable my body to heal and become strong again. This information coupled with some further research has led me to discover how I did this.

There are many minerals and trace elements but these are the ones I discovered were the mainstay in my diet.

• Magnesium

• Zinc

• Potassium

• Calcium

• Phosphorous

• Copper

• Iodine

• Manganese

• Sodium

• Sulphur

• Iron

• Riboflavin

• Niacin

• Folates

• Thiamine

• Niacin

Some of the vitamin contents were:

• Vitamin b5 b6 b12

• Vitamin c

• Vitamin d

• Vitamin e

• Vitamin g

• Vitamin k

Other wonderful nutrients in my diet:

• Omega 3

• Flavonoids

• Heart friendly mono fatty acids – oleic acid, palmitoleic acid

The foods I found these in were:

Cashew nuts, black grapes, pomegranate, pecans, apples, oranges, cherries, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, tomatoes, almonds, pistachio, lemon, lime, ginger, fenugreek, coriander, turmeric, natural authentic Greek yoghurt, feta cheese, organic goat milk, bottled mineral water,

When I researched what was actually contained in these foods I was so amazed what I discovered. I had never seen the list of mineral content of foods on packets before so was unaware just how many nutrients that were vital for health were in some of these. It became obvious to me that what I had put into my body had help heal me and had an amazing effect on my meditation practice.

Some facts I discovered:

Cashew nuts (in 100 grams) – rich in the heart friendly mono fatty acids that reduce heart attack and strokes both oleic and palmitoleic acids. Mineral content of cashew nuts with percentages to what the body needs.

Manganese 72%

Potassium 14%

Copper 244%

Iron 83.5%

Magnesium 73%

Zinc 52%

Selenium 36%

Phosphorus 85%

Calcium 4%

Sodium 1%

Folates 6%

Niacin 6.5%

Riboflavin 4.5%

Thiamin 35%

Vitamin E 35%

Vitamin K 28%

Pyridoxine 32%

All round beneficial to the cell functions within the body and the eyes. Niacin helps to prevent dermatitis, pyridoxine helps reduce anaemia.

This is just in cashew nuts. Look at the amount of healthy levels of vital minerals just in one kind of nut. I did this breakdown for several of the foods I was eating and here are some key facts about some of the other fruits nuts and herbs I ate.

Another nut the pecan has over 100% of body requirements for copper, manganese 133%, iron 32%, zinc 41%, thiamine 55% and vitamin E a whopping 163% of daily needs in just 100grams. So a 50g portion still has healthy levels of major minerals.

Black grapes provide 25% of vitamin c in one serving. They contain lutein zeaxantin, calcium, iron and vitamin A,C,K and flavonoids. Health benefits include: boosts the immune system, helps kidney problems, prevents diabetes, boosts brain function. Good for migaines, dehydration, constipation, anaemia and can help prevent cancer. They are high in the vital B complexes B5, folates, pyridoxine, vitamin K, calcium, copper, manganese and potassium.

Pumpkin seeds are not just high in minerals but pack in mega amounts of protein in just a small handful.

Chia seeds are really high in Omega 3 as well as fibre and minerals.

Hemp seed is definitely the wonder seed. Sprinkled on my food it took my vitamin D levels from 20 to 75 which is a really healthy level. Lack of vitamin D is the biggest cause of disease in the body!

Fenugreek is good for a diabetic diet helping insulin levels and also good for chest problems and bronchitis.

Coriander has a huge amount of vitamin A 225% and vitamin K 258% per 100g. Benefits bone mass, alzheimers and protects lungs and from oral cancers.

Mineral water I drank various ones but included volvic a few times a week due to the silica in it that is helpful to remove toxins from the body. Yet to find another mineral water that has the same sort of mineral content as this.

I hope this motivates you enough to look up what is in your food and when you start to think about your diet think minerals. If you can get some quality minerals in your body each day even at just one meal it will make a huge difference to your health.

If you want to improve your breathing and meditation practice I strongly believe that eating largely an uncooked natural diet will rapidly progress your efforts.

Don’t take my word for it. Be wise, experiment. Find what food resonates deeply for your best nutrition needs. Try to ignor taste and compulsive eating. Think quality not quantity and have fun with creating plates of healthy nutritional food for your body.