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Musings and Wisdom- Sharing knowledge I discover through this wonderful inner journey. Interesting or useful topics to inform and inspire you along your own individual spirit path this lifetime. Empower yourself from within.

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Feeling alone?

Feeling alone seems to be part of the process involved in self discovery. Think about if for a minute or two. How can we discover ourselves without being alone? It is only by being alone with ourselves that we can discover and connect with who we really are deep inside. So why does this seem challenging at times when we are alone with ourselves?

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Musings and wisdom

As my life is continually expanding and flowing, change is inevitable. The inner journey becomes clearer, richer and oh so much sweeter. It matters not what I have been doing but what I am in the process of creating in this moment. Clarity, such a blessing ….

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Remembering or Awakening?

Through many hours, days that turned into months of meditation and reflection, I experienced in my being, the amazing changes that seemed to be transforming my body and mind.

During heightened states early on in meditation I felt change occurring deep inside my body at a cellular level.

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Achieving the life you want

Today, with the new science revelations and discoveries in quantum physics and cell biology we have all the knowledge we need to have about the body and mind and how it works. Unfortunately, our minds, our template that was formed in the early years …

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