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Feeling alone?


Why do I feel alone?

Feeling alone seems to be part of the process involved in self discovery. Think about if for a minute or two. How can we discover ourselves without being alone? It is only by being alone with ourselves that we can discover and connect with who we really are deep inside. So why does this seem challenging at times when we are alone with ourselves?

As soon as we have no external distractions, we are alone with our thoughts. The thoughts which are in our minds and we generarlly refer to as intellect or me or ego or personality. The noise of these thoughts and the constant chatter that goes on inside your head is the challenge you have to overcome in order to connect with that inner real self. We can only hear and connect with that higher part of ourselves by quietening the chatter so there is space for it to happen.

This really is the aim of meditation. Just to sit quietly, breath slowly and deeply in and out through your nose with your back straight and after a few minutes notice your shoulders relaxing and mind quietening.

It takes some practice to quieten the chatter so if it is too much for you to bear then try singing mantras or listening to sacred music whilst you sit. Let the sound just wash over you like a wave as you sit and breathe slowly in and out.

Try this for a few minutes each day and practice it for a few days. The more you practice the better you become at quietening that mind. When the mind is quiet you will be able to hear what your higher self is trying to communicate with you because you made space for it.

When you connect and realise your true nature, you realise you are never alone and never were. This is the antidote to that feeling of alone ness that is more fear of being with chatter mind self. The inner true higher self, your soul, your spirit whatever you identify with as that something, which is more than just your body and chatter mind.

Know you are never alone and that there are divine benevolent energies ready to assist and support you on your amazing journey of self discovery. Discovering the real beauty and power of who you really are and finding your own place in this world can be a wonderful adventure.

Go find your quiet place, accept the challenge, quieten the chatter and what you will discover through practice, patience and perseverance is always so much more than you ever could have imagined.

You will never feel alone again!

In love truth and respect


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