Farah Waken

Alternative free from chemical products for skin problems and health


Skin problems and sun sensitivity – treat without chemicals


After suffering from sun allergy and skin rashes from sensitivity I started looking for more natural products to replace them with. I was particularly sensitive to the parabens which are chemical additives in health and beauty products. I was diagnosed with connective tissue disorders a few years ago and skin problems became a real pain at times.

Finding alternatives to medications was so important to me when I began to heal last year. I want to share some of these alternative products with you so you can try for yourself and hopefully get some relief. I try to always buy locally but some items are just not available so online shopping is sometimes the answer.

I was so relieved to find a dry skin alternative to just using oil. Not only did it help my sensitive skin but also cleared up psoriasis for an elderly relative and a horrible eczema condition that my friend’s son had since he was a very young boy. I was looking for something purer than the more common pure alternatives and something affordable. Epaderm comes in a large container that lasts months so handy for those needing it for daily use. It has no chemicals in it and feels gentle and moisturising on the skin without a greasy after feel. The cheapest place I have found to purchase this is here:

For years I had to avoid the sun due to another rash on my chest forearms and tops of feet. It would become very red itchy scaly and sometimes bleed. I tried expensive uva uvb protective creams, but they never seemed to help. Then I found Altruist. It felt like Christmas when I was able to get back out in the sun without getting a sore itchy reaction. It has been formulated by a team of dermatologists as they were noticing more and more people becoming skin sensitive to the sun. As the sun is the main source of vitamin D for the body then avoiding the sun is not an option. You will get ill when vitamin D drops to low levels. Altruist also comes in a large tube and you can buy 2 to cost much less than pharmaceuticals stock for one well-known brand that doesn’t work anyway. This was hard to get hold of until it was stocked at Amazon. You can buy it here.

To replace hair dyes 10 years ago I started using henna and indigo powder. Again, it took me a while to find a good organic source that would work on my dark hair but eventually I found an awesome product at Survana. Organic and leaves your scalp cool and non-itchy and beautiful thick hair. I don’t need to shampoo in between henna and indigo applications just water when showering. The hair feels healthy and the scalp calm for a few weeks. Can be a bit messy but so worth the effort. Henna will make light and grey hair orange and indigo on top afterwards turns the orange colour shades of brown to black depending on how long you leave it on.

To find out more about survana henna and indigo and other organics products click here

Not a product for the skin but certainly helps with hormones that do affect skin elasticity. I replaced hrt (hormone replacement therapy) that I had been on for a few months with Iodine drops. Iodine is essential for the body. In times past we would get enough of it in the soil of the foods we ate from it. But now the mineral content in soil is not what it used to be.

Deficiency in iodine is particularly prevalent in women and especially those with thyroid or menopausal symptoms. After weeks taking one drop of lugols iodine solution 10% in a glass of water daily had replaced the hrt and I was feeling better than I had in years. My hair stopped coming out so quickly and my skin was less dry. I am now sailing through the menopause happily and healthily.

Apparently Lugol’s iodine was a common cure for hormone problems and any failing health problem back in the 1800’s. Funny how older treatments are coming back to treat conditions. I couldn’t buy this locally so again I ordered from here: