Farah Waken

Inspirational Poetry

Inspirational poetry - transformation, remembering, awakening, meditation, bliss, ecstasy, joy, healing, nature. Sharing knowledge through the power of words and imagery. Creativity abounds.


I look in the mirror what do I see?

Who is that looking back at me?

As I close my eyes another one opens

No disguise my hearts wide open


Close your senses breathe it all out

Breathe out the fear the worry and doubt

Inhale the power right down deep

Repeat until stillness and silence you reap


No time for thinking no time at all

Enter that space and wait for the call

Allow and surrender feel it inside

Put aside the ego and foolish pride


Don’t take my word for it, witness yourself

Stop, sit, breathe and let it all out

There is a power within the air you breathe

With practice and in time jewels are revealed