Farah Waken

Sound Therapy

I am now able to offer Sound therapy sessions, energy healing and distance healing.

Sound Therapy and Energy Healing

The frequency of 111 hz has been used since ancient times for healing and meditation. The medical profession since the 1940s have used this frequency to release beta endorphins that helps to decrease anxiety and control pain as well as produce a feeling of wellness.

More recently science has shown through mri scans that the pre frontal cortex actually shuts off and the brain temporarily switches to right sided dominance where intuition, holistic processing and creativity are accessed. Researchers are finding this is particuarly useful for insomnia, depression, anxiety, learning disorders, ADHD aswell as for pain relief.

Ancients used this frequency to activate cellular change within the body and brain that increases inner connection and knowing.

I am finding it also helps to activate chakras related to intuition and higher knowledge. Inner guidance and progression in meditation or prayer practice can be stimulated through these divine frequencies. Coupled with the energy I can generate and share during the session this is revealing a powerful combination for positive results for individual empowerment, health and growth.

I use only precision tuning forks made in Sheffield, uk. I use two specific frequencies that have the most effective results for health, wellness and creative intuition.

The 111 hz frequency fork is weighted and produces a beautiful vibrating frequency that stimulates the right side of the brain responsible for intuition, creativity and holistic wellness. These are medical grade and resonate more deeply and longer than some other makes.

528hz which is another divine frequency that helps to release negative emotions stored, releasing fear and lower frequency emotions. This enables the heart chakra to open and activates the higher heart to transmute low frequencies within you to higher frequencies of love and compassion.

Science is now showing that it also affects the cells and DNA and stimulates healing from within. This is well documented online if you want to research yourself.

Together these frequencies perform beautifully to affect the mind body and spirit in the most uplifting positive way. My aim is to empower the individual to heal themselves from within and connect with that divine power available within us all.

What does the sound and energy healing session involve?

I am finding that one to one sessions in person are very affective and can arrange appointments on request. The intention I always set is for the loving, divine energies to go to the individual to the place they need it most for their highest good and benefit for health and happiness.

Using the frequency tuning forks along with this energy increases the power of the healing from within.

I would like to state that the healing comes from within you not me. I direct the flow of energies through strong intention into you to stimulate your cells at a dna level to activate your own power of healing from within. This makes the sound resonate more deeply. I am offering the service for those that dont know how to do this themselves. We all have this healing capacity within. Some just need help to access it more than others.

I am available to offer these sessions in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Italy over the next 12 months for individuals. I am available also for offering treatments at wellness centres or spas you can contact me by clicking the link on this page.

To register your interest and find out more please message me your name, location and email address. I will send you details and dates of when I will be in your area along with details about the session and booking information for you to send back when you want to book a session. Just click the contact link on this page.

I look forward to meeting you all and feel grateful to be part of your inner journey of discovery and healing.

In love, truth and respect.

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If this resonates then feel free to contact me. Similarly if it doesnt I hope this makes interesting reading and encourages you to go and discover yourself the amazing scientific research taking place around sound and vibration. It really is an exciting time of discoveries. Go live your adventure and find your inner truth with love, trust and respect for yourself and humanity.